Cómo coser en el cuero
Cómo coser en el cuero

Leather sewing

Next course is on June 7th.

Limited vacancies!!


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Next June 7th, the course "SEWING LEATHER" will take place in our facilities

This are the contents of the course:

  • Types of tools usually used to sew leather and how to use them.
  • Main type of edge sewing techniques, such as wrapping or plus, Spanish stitching, double-stitching, etc...
  • How to remove leather strips to sew. How to join leather to keep sewing. How to make join stitches.
  • How to mark leather, make holes depending on the type of seam.
  • Practice of some of the main sewing techniques. Practise what has been learnt.
  • Student questios to the tutor.

This course is divided in two shifts with the following timetables:

  1. From 9 to 11
  2. From 11:30 to 13:30.

To do this course, the student will be given materials and tools needed to carry out the different techniques in front of the tutor.

Venue: Avda. de la Esperanza, 15 de Ubrique (Cdiz)

Monitor: The tutor will be MARTIN AGUILERA.

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